Real Estate Brokerage Services

Enabling smooth property transactions through industry
expertise and unparalleled support.

We serve as a bridge between buyers and sellers; tenants and landlords.

In real estate brokerage services our role is similar to that of a compass needle—pointing in the right direction to ensure the arrangements and efforts don’t go in vain. Our services include facilitating buying and selling of properties, leasing of commercial assets including, but not limited to, retail showrooms, co-working spaces, and warehouses.

Our Approach



Consultation starts with understanding the client’s needs. And, we offer them insights into the market trends and help them keep their fingers on the pulse of changing prices. Then recommend the best options to make better decisions.

Guidance and Support

We offer complete, valuable guidance and support through site visits, suggesting options, property valuations, location analysis, site inferences, legal and technical co-ordinations, and Vaasthu solutions.
We also educate our clients in technical aspects of realty and assist them in revenue mutation, Patta/Chitta transfer, land approvals, and assessments.
Also, we go the extra mile by periodically updating them about the market trends.


Once the prospective buyer and seller make up their mind, we bring in the seller and facilitate negotiations. Also, we recommend certain strategies on negotiations that are unbiased.
Following the accord between the two parties, we help the clients with the registration process, the closing of the deal, and the smooth transaction of the property.

Our Services

Facilitating Buying and Selling of Property

Under this, we look for properties that best suit the buyers’ needs, represent both buyer and seller and facilitate negotiations in an unbiased way, offer guidance in the preparation of sales deed, and ultimately offer valuable advice and support to help both parties make informed decisions.

Property Acquisitions for Corporates

We help large organizations expand their presence through property acquisitions. We take responsibility to serve our clients in various aspects of gaining ownership over a property, including finding the right property, facilitating due diligence and negotiations.

Marketing for Realty Projects

“Even the brilliant idea won’t sell itself”, says George Lois. This is true for realty projects as well. Our in-house marketing experts have years of experience in realty. The marketing strategies they offer are highly valued by our clients.

Commercial Property Leasing

We ensure the owners of commercial properties make the right decision in leasing their space to the right occupants, and vice versa. We help them with a series of stages including title ownership validation, occupant’s background validation, mortgage verification, preparation of rental deed, and registration.

Fee Structure

Real Estate Sale Transactions

Residential plots / Apartments / Buildings

2% from seller & 2% from buyer

Commercial plots / Buildings / Spaces / Warehouses

2% from seller & 2% from buyer

Industrial plots / Buildings / Warehouses

2% from seller & 2% from buyer

Agri Land

2% from seller & 2% from buyer

2% from seller & 2% from buyer

2% from developer & 2% from owner on their respective
super built share

Real Estate Rental Transactions

Residential / Commercial / Industrial (With or without fit outs)

1 month rent each from both parties

Lease - Commercial / Industrial

1 month rent each from both parties

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