Liaison Services

A comprehensive set of services that covers all aspects
of legal procedures and concurrence.

We prepare the ground for you so that you can make better realty decisions.

Whether you’re a buyer, seller, tenant, or landlord, there’s a lot of requirements to be fulfilled before signing an agreement. It would be overwhelming for one if the value of the property is huge. That’s why we step in to help you with documentation, legal procedures, and approvals. Our expert team guides you through the sophisticated legal procedures and makes the entire process seamless.

Our Approach


Understanding Client’s Needs

We do this through an interactive session where we understand the client’s requirements and confirm the scope/deliverables.

Guidance and Support

We prepare a detailed report that includes the scope of the service to be offered, which is sent to the client. When the service agreement is signed, an executive is assigned to guide the client throughout the process.

Our Services

Building Plan Approval

We help you with getting NOCs and approvals from several departments of the local planning authority. We offer complete guidance and support through application procedures and follow-ups, until obtaining approval.

Preparation of Feasibility Reports

There are a lot of things to be taken into consideration before starting property development. We analyze various factors including demography, psychographs, transportation, and prepare feasibility reports that provide valuable insights.

Legal Consultation

Purchasing or leasing a property might come with conflicts that you might be unaware of. We arrange for legal consultation and carry out due diligence to find any previous litigation associated with the property.

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