Facilitating the transaction of residential property that
benefits both the buyer and seller.

The residential property market has boomed over the last decade as a result of rapid technological and infrastructural developments.

We strongly believe that the desire to build a dream home or to sell your house to meet your goals must be guided by informed decisions. And to make informed decisions, effectively, you need insights into the residential market.

Whether you’re planning to buy/sell an apartment in the city center, or a villa on the outskirts, finding the right opportunity hasn’t been easy always. So, we come into the picture to make it easier for you to buy/sell residential property.

We take a holistic approach to offer residential services to our clients. This includes finding a property/plot, analyzing the demography, recommending of best buying/selling options, facilitation of buying/selling, and property management.

Residential Services

Preparation of Feasibility Reports

There are a lot of things to be taken into consideration before starting property development. We analyze various factors including demography, psychographs, transportation, and prepare feasibility reports that provide valuable insights.

Legal Consultation

Purchasing or leasing a property might come with conflicts that you might be unaware of. We arrange for legal consultation and carry out due diligence to find any previous litigation associated with the property.

Building Plan Approval

We help you with getting NOCs and approvals from several departments of the local planning authority. We offer complete guidance and support through application procedures and follow-ups, until obtaining approval.

Facilitating Buying and Selling of Property

Under this, we look for properties that best suit the buyers’ needs, represent both buyer and seller and facilitate negotiations in an unbiased way, offer guidance in the preparation of sales deed, and ultimately offer valuable advice and support to help both parties make informed decisions.

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